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Dental crowns are used when very little of the tooth is viable.Dental Crowns & Bridges

A crown or bridge is used when 65% of the tooth structure is missing. If a cavity has gotten to the point that it cannot be restored with a filling, the tooth is covered/capped with a crown, which is bonded or cemented onto the tooth.

A crown may be recommended for a tooth that has a large filling, a root canal treated tooth, or a fracture.

Dental bridges replace three or more teeth.

A bridge on the other hand is simply three or more crown-linked teeth together. A bridge is also recommended to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Whether you receive a crown or a bridge, they will be custom made in a dental laboratory by highly qualified technicians. Crowns and bridges are created using ceramics, zirconia, e-max, noble alloys, or a combination of materials. Please be assured your crowns and bridges are quality restorations and are an excellent investment in your long-term dental health.

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